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The Prison of Genocide, Rwanda 1995

The prison in Kigali was, I suspect, much like any other overcrowded, sordid, smelly and downright scary jail in Africa. But this one was filled, overfilled, with those accused of participating in the genocide of almost a million Tutsis and Hutu moderates.

Many among the prisoners were young boys. Boys with a look of either sorrow or contempt. And those mothers? With their infants in jail with them? What had they done? Who am I to judge people I do not know, but my imagination had been fueled by having seen mass graves, spoken to survivors …. it was difficult not to have an opinion.

Yet surely the worst of the perpetrators had fled to Zaire ahead of the RPF? Who were these people, men women and children, who had decided to stay in the villages and towns where they had taken part in genocide?

Were they so sure of the extermination of their enemies that they thought they were safe from retribution?


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  • Emeline

    When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a photoreporter because I had seen the movie “Welcome to Sarajevo”. But I finally changed my mind because I thought that, as a girl, it would be to hard. And I know that many photoreporters die during their work. So I thank you for your pictures, they don’t show only appearance but they lead us to ask for what’s behind (sorry for my english).

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