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Identity in the Suburbs, Jozi

Under shady trees, I pass close by a security gate. A deep-throated bark stirs my adrenal gland.

A dog in a Springbok jersey, number 14. Boerboel, muscular, cut. Ray Mordt, I thought without hesitation.

Overgrown sidewalk, man in sunglasses and lumber jacket walking towards me, his hands are in his pockets.

As he nears to within touching distance, I say “Eyta.”

He says ‘Howzit.’

Blairgowrie, Johannesburg. 2011. Greg Marinovich


  • Leonie Marinovich

    But, But… where’s the dog?

  • Marinovichg

    @Leonie aaah, you know I inhabit a world between fact and fiction, and would hate to allow you too much insight

  • sam reinders

    Love this Greg. Really love it.

  • Marinovichg

    @Sam dankie sis

  • Joanneornelas89

    Hi Mr Marinovich, i am busy doing a thesis for my degree in Graphic Design, and we got to choose our Topics, after watching the movie The Bang Bang Club, i was so inspired and my Thesis is, Photojournalism, During and After Apartheid. Reading and Researching about you and the Bang Bang Club has been so inspirational and mind blowing. You are a great influence in my thesis and aspiring Photographic career:)

  • Greg Marinovich

    Thanks Joanne

    glad to be of help …

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